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Jonathon/an Coulton’s Fancy Pants

Is it Jonathan?  Jonathon?  Let me check.  What’s that Hilary?  “an?”  Deal.  So, last night Hilary and I went to Manhattan to sit in the Best Buy theater for four hours of nerdfest.  It was AWESOME.  I mostly went to see Jonathan Coulton, but there were tons of other super cool people there to entertain everyone.  Paul and Storm opened, followed (in a random order) by: Grant Imahara, Adam Savage, Jonathan Coulton, MC Frontalot, the dude who started fark.com, a drummer with the perfect rock star voice, Marian Call (who played the typewriter!) and several video appearances from Wil Wheaton.

I wore my Queen Elizabeth costume as best I could.  I was very pleased to see many others also in costume, including, but not limited to: Waldo, a Tigger in denial, a boxing nun, Holly Golightly, Jayne (from Firefly), Doctor Horrible (not to be confused with the eleventh Doctor, who was also there in a fez), a Jedi toddler, Yoshi, a girl dressed up as Final Fantasy and characters from Star trek.  I was so excited to see the Doctor that I nearly knocked Hilary over and I lost the pearls in my hair.  Then I spotted Jayne and ran over for a photo.  He was incredibly good looking and very nice.  Hilary’s camera decided to make me two different colors, but I’m more than willing to take one for the team!

Thanks Hilary!

Walking through NYC in a costume is also an insanely interesting experience.  I lost count around compliment number nine, but a lot of people liked my dress.  Also, a completely random guy took a photo with Hilary and her hat (it was a Chain Chomp that was eating her head).  Ignoring all of the fun I had: walking to the venue, seeing fellow nerds dressed awesomely, sharing the nastiest falafel with Hilary and getting to meet one of my favorite musicians of all time–the highlight of my night was when Jonathan Coulton performed his song “Mr. Fancy Pants” as epically as any song could ever be sung.  Don’t believe me?  Well good thing I youtubed the clip before writing this!  Here is the brilliant and adorable Jonathan Coulton singing his song “Mr. Fancy Pants” during W00tstock 2010:

I know, right?  So, so perfect.  At the end of the show, all the performers (minus Adam Savage) came out for a signing.  I didn’t have anything of theirs, but they all signed the Tamora Pierce book I had on me.  There are very few things that are better than feeling completely at home with a group of strangers.  I wasn’t worried about the things I really enjoyed, the corny jokes I laughed so hard at that I snork, or if I looked stupid.  I knew everyone around me was just as nerdy (if not nerdier) and were together to have fun.  When nerds gather, the world levels up.  Best night ever!  Cue the fanfare!