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Kiva Update

Hello everyone!  This week an anonymous donor gave $25, and so I ran to kiva and gave my part of a loan to a woman named Nigor from Tajikistan.  You can visit her page by clicking this link.

Again, all the items in my etsy shop are on sale–half of everything I get from these sales will go towards kiva loans.  Donations are also accepted–everything donated goes directly to loans as well.

You can keep tabs on all the loans I’ve currently got going by clicking here. 

If you’re interested in helping make a loan, you can:

  • Donate money through the paypal button on the sidebar.
  • Buy items from my shop.
  • Send this page to all of your friends.

Hats for Kiva

Hello everyone!

I’ve decided that since it’s a new year, I should do new things.  I’ve always liked kiva.org, which is a site that allows people to loan money to entrepreneurs from different countries free of interest.  I sponsored four loans last year, and I would like to give more.  I’m proposing a hat sale–for each item in my etsy shop someone purchases during the months of January and February, I will donate half of the cost to kiva.org (the remaining money goes towards buying more supplies like yarn).

This means that 5 hats = 1 loan.  You can browse my items by going to my etsy shop.  You can follow my loans through my lender page here: The Daily Dani on Kiva

If you’d rather not own the things I make, but would like to give money towards a loan, you can donate it through the button on the top of the sidebar.  All donations will be given to kiva.