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Piece #13 – Me!

When I asked everyone to make their art piece about me, I had already done mine.  You can see from the date that I’m totally not lying!  I thought it would be important for me to make mine before getting any of the others (so I wouldn’t be influenced by any), and post mine last.  I don’t know what to say about it besides I included everything I like as well as all the things I love about myself.  I drew a second picture that couples with this one, but I decided not to show it since sometimes things should be kept for just the artist.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this project as much as I have–It’s forced me to look at my friends and my relationship with them as well as look at the way others see me.  Thanks go to all those who helped me out by giving me  pieces.  It means the world to me!

Piece #12 – Sandra

How completely incredible is this piece?  Me as Charlotte Bronte?  Amazing.  Sandra is one of my oldest friends and even after years and years of knowing one another, I still find her hilarious and amazing.  There is not one inch of her that isn’t awesome and it’s clear from this picture that she not only knows me well, but she’s very skilled.  I see a future Halloween costume in the making.  Thanks Sandra!

Piece #11 – Bri

This piece is done by Brianna, my partner in crime.  She drew it on green paper (because green is my favorite color), and even made sure to include my bright lipstick and green eyes.  She told me while handing the paper to me that she forgot to draw on my hair with some white-out so everyone could see all my white hairs.  Even after knowing all of my faults and my darkest, most private secrets, Bri still happily hangs out with me whenever there’s a chance.  That simple act of love is enough to convince me that she’s the most brilliant of people alive.

Piece #10 – Bubbles

This piece is from Bubbles.  I liked the whole letter, so I decided to include it.  Apparently Bubbles only sees me in hula skirts, haha.  Kidding, kidding–he drew me in my red dress which I am fond of wearing to swing dancing.  In the picture, we’re learning swing outs (which according to Rachel, I have learned).  Notice how incredibly good looking Chris is with his sexy hat?  I will buy him one so we can recreate this picture.  True story.

Bubbles inspires me in every way.  He’s a brilliant writer that doesn’t realize how awesome he is.  He has the ability to dissolve problems with his kind nature and brighten rooms with his smile.  I heard he’s so cool, he can keep waffles frozen by hugging them.  And speaking of Chris hugs–those are the best.  I can continue on and on about how special and wonderful he is to me, but I’ll just end up embarrassing myself.  To sum everything up: I am always conscious about how lucky I am to know Bubbles.

Piece #9 – Zoe

Here’s a scan of the shrinky-dink Zoe made me for this art project.  How flipping sweet is that?  At first I didn’t understand what it was (because apparently I never had a childhood) but after reading her card and the set of instructions that came with it, I promptly ran around the house screaming with excitement.  Zoe is my Punctuation (and pen) Pal, my favorite rock toucher and without a doubt one of the coolest people I have ever met.  She’s honest and kind and knows amazing things.  I kind of met her by accident, but thank the sweet cherry trees I did.  She’s written letters to me for almost two years now and if I ever need to talk about anything at all–I know she’s up for a debate.  Thanks for being awesome, Zoe!

Oh, and here’s a video of me shrinking the shrinky-dink!

Piece #8 – Nick

Nick made his picture on the computer, which is pretty spifftacular.  As you can see, I am wearing my red dress as well as all of the hats I’ve made–sexy swing outfit.  I can’t actually imagine swing dancing with all those hats on.  I sense it would end in a great disaster.  I’m also in a library with an instant-messager for a head.  Pretty accurate, I’d say.

I’m almost positive Nick is part unicorn.  He’s THAT awesome.  He never hesitates to help me out and he’s more than willing to go above and beyond any friendship call.  He’s wonderful and just completely great.  I am extremely fortunate to know and have him in my life.

Piece #7 – Margo

How completely awesome is this?  Glitter?  3-D library-themed pieces and pretty much everything that makes me, me?  So cool.  Margo is one of the greatest people I have ever met in my entire life.  I met her by accident in college (we were supposed to explore Poughkeepsie and my floor didn’t show up so I joined her tiny group because she looked nice) and ever since then, we’ve been the best of friends.  English words cannot accurately describe how absolutely amazing she is.  Seriously.  I am forever grateful to have her in my life and even more thankful to the universe that she’s one of my closest friends.  I admire her always (even though she doesn’t like Snape to the degree I do).  Thanks, Margo–not only for this picture and our friendship, but for existing and nerding out with me whenever we can.

Piece #6 – Michael

Here’s a piece done by my brother, Michael.  Apparently I don’t hide the fact that I like books, huh?  He’s a pretty awesome brother (most of the time) and I’d say I’m lucky to have him around.  When we were little, I used to make him call me “Princess Danielle” whenever he wanted something.  Hence the awesome hat.  And the name tag.  Even to this day he sometimes springs the nickname on me.  He’s there for me when I need him, especially if I happen to have ice cream on me.  Thanks Mike!

Piece #5 – Vito

Talk about an amazing art piece–Vito cut pictures of healthy foods from magazines and pasted them behind me (am I swing dancing?).  He got my personality and quirks down excellently.  For my new readers that don’t know me well enough to see the humor in this: I don’t drink alcohol and I eat an offensively large amount of pizza.  Also, if I mentioned sushi any more often, I think Vito might murder me (hence the chopsticks).

Vito has been one of the biggest supports in my life.  Ever since meeting him, he’s treated me with nothing but the highest level of kindness and understanding.  We walk together and laugh together and make trips to our sacred Red Mango.  He’s a wonderful person–I know that if I need help, he’s there.  Thanks for the beautiful picture, Vito.

Piece #4 – Sara

Oh man, here it comes–the super embarrassing (for me) story of how I met Sara.  Before I arrived at Vassar, all my high school friends were friending people from Facebook that were in their college’s graduating class.  Determined to make new friends, I searched around a forum of incoming freshmen and found Sara’ profile.  She declared her love for books, English majors and looked friendly.  So I friended her.  And remained Facebook friends with her waaaay before I actually met her.  I’m such a creeper.

But it was worth the wait!  Sara is genuine and honest and smart as Hell.  She’s an outrageous writer and clearly knows me very well.  Thanks Sara!