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Week Twelve

This week I lost 2.8 for a grand total of 21 pounds.  Whoo!  Goodbye three babies worth of weight!  My next goal is 26 pounds.  When I reach that, I will celebrate with some happy dancing and possibly a shopping trip.  I always feel the need to aid the economy when I have to celebrate.

In other news, mom and I have been watching the Dollhouse.  If you haven’t watched it (and you like Joss Whedon and sci-fi), I recommend you see it.  It’s only two seasons and the ending is definitely satisfying. If ever I meet a man who calls himself Topher, I may have to hug him.

I have been getting so many letters and postcards in the mail!  I love it.  I’m writing responses to them all now, and I’m hoping to mail the bundle out Monday.  I like to think of personal letters as physically throwing some love into the universe.

With this weekly update, I leave you.  May your week be filled with sunshine and cardinals!

Week Eleven

This week I lost 1.8, for a total loss of 18.2 pounds.  Almost to twenty!  I’m not quite sure what I should do to celebrate losing three babies, but I suspect I will find something awesome.  Feel free to let me know if you have any suggestions.

In other news, I am battling mites on my rose plant.  I know one should always love and respect all living things (thanks go to my third grade teacher for teaching me this) but my God, I wish I could punch them all in the face.  They are ruining my beautiful roses!

Editing has been going well.  Last night I got through about ten pages before bed.  I am hoping tonight is also a productive one.  I added a page count on the bottom of the side bar if you’d like to keep watch on how I’m doing.  This is all I have to report for this week.  I hope your week is full of sunshine and butterflies!

Week Ten

Whoops.  Guess who forgot to post yesterday after weigh-in!  That’s right, me.  I got distracted by Inception.  Yesterday marked the end of my tenth week.  I lost 2.8, for a total of 16.4 pounds.  I’ve lost about two and a half babies!  I’ve been doing yoga at least twice a week, as well as walking until my legs fall off.  I will be continuing my yoga adventures–I refuse to be beat by proud warrior!

I’m hoping to go to the beach sometime before the summer ends, and with luck, there will be more boardwalking and less burning.  My legs put me out of commission for a few days.  Haha.  Could you imagine me doing yoga with fried legs?  There would be tears.

Week Nine

This week I gained .4 pounds.  Not too cover this up with excuses, but rumor has it the scales were not working properly today.  No one else in the group lost any weight–but maybe we all messed up this week.  Haha.  I’ve been walking more than usual and eating lots of fruits and vegetables.  Next week will be the real sign whether or not the scale was the problem.

In addition to walking and dancing and swimming, I have plans to clean the downstairs floor and cook a new meal at least twice this week.  Tonight I made hot wings (meaning chicken breast and some hot sauce).  Tomorrow I might try to make rosemary bread, and on Thursday I think I might attempt shrimp quesadillas.

Here’s to a new week!

Week Eight

After a week of walking across town for hours and eating fruit until it came out of my ears, I was rewarded with a loss of 2.6 pounds.  My total is now fourteen pounds.  Whoo!  I have dropped two babies worth of weight, and reached my 5% weight loss goal!  Now on to losing 10%.  What should I do when I lose 26 pounds?

Also, this week was full of blooming plants in my room.  I am sad there are no new jasmine buds since the beginning of this week, but I am hoping next week brings a few more.  Jasmine is my favorite smell.

I have decided the best way to celebrate my massive victory is to work even harder.  When I say “work even harder,” what I really mean is “go to Red Mango.”  For those of you around a Red Mango or Pink Berry, you must go there at least once in your life.  It is by far the best frozen yogurt I have ever had in my life.

I might try roasting some Brussels sprouts tomorrow.  I’ve never had then before and I am quite excited to try something new.  I’ll let you know how that adventure goes.  Beyond that, I have plans to finish The Book Thief by Mark Zusak (so far, it’s excellent), go swing dancing on Tuesday and hit up Jones Beach with the Pretty Pretty Princess board game and Sara.  This week is going to be EPIC.

Week Seven

I know, I know.  You’re missing weeks one through six of my journey.  I will fill you in:

Seven weeks from today I began my quest to lose 120 pounds.  As of this week, I have lost 11.4 pounds.  I decided to calculate my success in the form of babies.  I estimate the average baby to weight about seven pounds.  And so, I am very excited to have lost about one and a half babies.

This week I plan on walking more and hopefully bringing my total to two babies next week!