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Potty Mouth

On Friday something happened to me that had never happened before in my entire life.  While trying to brush my teeth, I ninja flung my toothbrush into the toilet.  And yes, it wedged itself in as far as it could physically go.  Yes, I stuck my hand in there to get it out.  I’m still a little grossed out.

I don’t know why I thought it vitally important that I keep a picture of it, but at that moment that seemed more pressing than fetching it  out of the bowl, so that’s why this evidence exists.  Enjoy.


Dear Woman Weeping On The Subway,

At first you just looked sad, which made me wish I could help you, though I quickly went back to my reading without a second thought about it.  Then you started weeping–and I don’t mean I secretly caught a tear.  You were close to wailing.  I felt extremely guilty.  I had no idea what I should do.  Worse than that, I was more concerned with what was socially acceptable than helping another human being.  Even after you were approached by several other riders, I still hesitated.  I’m sorry.  I’m really sorry.  When you suddenly got up to leave at what seemed like a random stop, I wanted to follow you.

I was afraid you would jump or harm youself in another way.  Even though I am almost a week too late, I just wanted to say: I’m sorry.  I’m sorry I was too scared to offer you some kind words.  I’m also sorry for whatever happened.  Whatever it is, it will get better. You seemed kind and sincere, and I am sure that life has something wonderful planned for you soon.

I hope you found someone to talk to that day.  I hope you confided in a person who loves you absolutely and completely and you felt better after.  I wish for you, in this letter to the universe, kindness and respect from others.  I hope you are treated well and receive the understanding you deserve.


The girl telepathically sending you her sympathies and well wishes

Dear Guy Giving Out Free Advice At The Union Square Farmer’s Market,

Remember me?  I asked for advice on making friends in the city and you told me to be myself because my smile was radiant.  You also bet me that people adored being around me because of the positive energy I gave off.  What you don’t know (or perhaps you do) is that you completely changed my day for the better.  Even though you were simply being kind, I thought about your words not only for the rest of that day, but also for the remainder of the week.  I had one more reason to smile each day, and whenever someone smiled back, it reminded me of what you said.  I know you were just doing what you said you would do, but you deserve to know that you made an impossibly large difference in my life.  Thank you.


The chick who laughed while you complimented her.

PS: I promise not to go to bars.

Brooklyn Book Festival

Two weekends ago, I went to the Brooklyn Book Festival with Ally.  I was really excited about it because it was my first day out of the apartment since I got sick, and I got to see her for most of the weekend.  Also, we met up with a mutual friend, Max, and also got to meet Norton Juster (the author of my favorite children’s book of all time), Jules Feiffer and Kate Beaton.  To sum it up neatly, it was pretty much one of the best days I’ve ever had.  I got a ton of free stuff, including a few books, and I got even more free information about writing classes and writer’s groups.  I’m seriously considering taking a class next semester since I live about 5 blocks from the school.

After listening to two of the cutest friends I have ever seen (except for me and my friends, of course), Norton Juster and Jules Feiffer signed my copy of The Phantom Tollbooth, a book that completely changed my childhood.  I bought Jane Austen earrings and an awesome Don Quixote t-shirt that’s currently too small for me (I will use it as weight-loss motivation), had a great webcomic artist draw me a sexy picture of Lord Byron and then I went home, happy to have spent an entire day with excellent people while being pleasantly surrounded by books.

Oh!  And when I was coming home, there was this really good looking guy sitting across from me on the 4 train that was dressed up in this awesome steampunk costume.  He had goggles made out of microscope pieces.  I rudely stared at him during the entire trip.  It made my day.

Easy Rice Bowl

Check out the super not-fancy dinner I made myself with whatever was left on the shelf after people stocked up on hurricane supplies:

You’ll need:

Shrimp (I used frozen, but fresh is probably better)

Peas (I used half of a can)

1/3 of an onion

3 cloves of garlic

1 red pepper

1/2 raw rice

Here’s the complicated directions:

Chop up the red pepper, onion, and garlic.  I used a rice cooker to make my rice while I did this, but you can use a pot like a normal person (I was hungry and impatient).  Either way, don’t forget the 2-1 ratio for rice.  For every cup of rice you decide to cook, add two cups of water.  In this case, you’ll be adding one cup of water for your half cup of rice.  Anyway, you’ll want to peel the shrimp before cooking it.  I didn’t, and that did not make for easy eating.  Once you’ve chopped everything and peeled the shrimp, throw everything in a pan and cook until the shrimp is done.  The rice should be done by now, so toss that in too.  Wah-lah!

Dear Kind, Really Good Looking Man On The Subway,

Thank you for the great introduction to Manhattan.  Even though all you did was talk to me and make me laugh, the simple gesture meant more than you know.  I was on my way to the doctor and felt about as unattractive and unappealing as a person can feel, but in four stops, you countered that.  I hope you never miss a subway train, and you always find a seat.  Above all, however, I hope I meet you again.


The chick who couldn’t help you locate anything you needed to find on the F train

Danielle in New York

Sunday Art Project posts are over, so I decided to use Sundays as a day to post things I hear, see and experience in the city.  I know I’ve been missing several posts this week, and I promise it’s not because I’m lazy!  I’m quite sick (and quite miserable) so my doctor has ordered me to rest as much as possible until I’m better.  Between traveling to the doctor and having buckets of blood removed from my body, and weeping in the fetal position due to the most excruciatingly painful sore throat of my life, I haven’t had much time to prepare posts.  Now that I’ve been officially ordered to bed rest though, I hope to prepare this week’s line-up ahead of time.  That is, if I can stop watching my television shows long enough to do so.

So this is my first post about being here–my first weekend was shot by the hurricane (light sprinkle) Irene.  My second weekend is destroyed by a virus that has rendered me disgusting and pretty much useless.  I will leave you with five things I love about being in New York City:

1.The 6 train is directly next to my apartment

2. Pizza

3. Walking everywhere

4. Finding a seat during morning commute

5. Buying fresh fruit

That’s all for now.  I’m due for some Doctor Who and advil–the highlights of my night!  Hopefully next week I’ll have exciting bits to offer you.