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15 Things I’m Learning While Running

1. I can feel my leg muscles and I like them.

2. I get a little faster each time I run.

3. Every time I’m half-way through running a new long distance, I think I can’t do it.  And then I do it.

4. Some runners use the wrong lane and they’re the worst.

5. Some walkers with baby strollers use the wrong lane and pretend to not see you.  They deserve that unintentional shoulder check.

6. Slow runners are pretty rad and really nice when you talk to them.

7. Elite runners are pretty rad and really inspiring when you talk to them.

8. No, seriously, touch my calves.  They’re awesome.

9. Marathons are scary, but I want to do one more than anything.

10. I really, really love race bling.

11. I want a medal so bad.

12. Seeing all my race bibs on my fridge makes me feel more powerful than anything else.

13. Beating personal records makes me cry a lot.

14. I have a lot of running equipment now–I feel like a cool kid when I wear some of it.

15. A pending injury is terrifying.

15 Things I Noticed in Ohio

1. Everyone goes the speed limit every time.

2. Everyone is massively polite and kind.  Except that one kid in Old Roscoe.

3. There’s never traffic.

4. When they say “city” they really mean suburb.

5. Everything is green.

6. Nothing is open late unless it’s a bar.

7. Cleveland is dead.

8. There’s so much corn.

9. No gift shop sells magnets.

10. There are no cops.

11. All town names are either borrowed or a little racist.

12. It smells good.

13. Their homeless people insult you until you give them money.

14. Everything is less expensive and a little cooler.

15. I kind of want to move here.

15 Things I Can Now Do That I Couldn’t Do When I First Moved Into My New Apartment

1. Sleep with the windows open.

2. Walk to the train without looking for him.

3. Close the front door of the apartment without turning a light on first.

4. Use the bathroom at night without inducing a panic attack.

5. Walk home without constantly looking behind me to make sure he’s not following me.

6. Sleep with my bedroom door open.

7. Look out the window at night.

8. Leave to go somewhere by myself.

9. Walk home after dark.

10. Enter a room without first turning every light within reach on.

11. Admit it wasn’t my fault.

12. Really believe it wasn’t my fault.

13. Hear a sound inside my apartment without thinking he finally found me.

14. Take time to let myself have good and bad days.

15. Talk about how scared I am without feeling weak.

15 Things I’ll Never Get Tired of Seeing

1. The Empire State Building

2. People playing great music in the subway.

3. Swing dancing

4. A really friendly bar.

5. Happy babies who wave on the train.

6. Grown men who wave back.

7. Kindness between strangers.

8. Free theater in Harlem

9. Central Park’s Conservatory.

10. The High-line.

11. Tea shops.

12. Independent book stores–especially comic shops.

13. Street art of any kind.

14. Seeing the sun set from the Manhattan or Brooklyn bridge.

15. Cemeteries.

15 Things I Got Way Too Excited About Doing For the First Time in My New Apartment

1. Turning the oven on.

2. Taking a shower (with the curtain).

3. Blogging.

4. Using the toaster oven.

5. Putting my dishes away in the right place.

6. Pooping.

7. Building my dresser (it hasn’t happened yet, so I’m technically still excited about it).

8. Getting dressed without everyone in the neighborhood knowing (thank you, window curtains).

9. Ordering take-out.

10. Planning where all my posters are going to go.

11. Sleeping on a real bed.

12. Putting my name on my mailbox.

13. Getting mail.

14. Mailing mail.

15. Cooking a real dinner.

15 Awesome Things About Leaving Your Gross, Cheating Boyfriend

These are just my findings–feel free to share your own!

1. You get your own space again–no sharing the bed, covers, or dessert!

2. You can go see whatever movie you want when you want to see it.

3. No worries about other women or men!  In fact, take him!  He’s yours!  No give backs!

4. You can flirt back without feeling guilty.

5. You can burn all the things that remind you of him–make it a party!

6. You don’t have to make time for stupidhead anymore.  Gym tonight?  Sweet.

7. You don’t have to put pants on ever again.  Or a bra.  Or anything at all.

8. You can have whatever you want for dinner, and have it delivered.  Also, you can eat it on the floor while playing your ps2.

9. Everyone gives you a high five.  The side effect of this is that you then realize how loved you are.

10. There’s nothing that’s going to make you unhappy once you’re in the groove.

11. Your apartment is probably about to get a lot cleaner.  And let’s face it, you won’t come home to an empty water pitcher anymore.

12. You get a redo on the next one.

13. You get to sleep with someone who actually knows what you like.  Right ladies?

14. If you have a sad day, it’s probably still not as sad as your best day with fartbreath.

Finally 15. You finally get to indulge your own passions and hobbies.  Your time is yours again!  LET THE BLOGS BEGIN!