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15 Things That Make Me Scream

  1. Stepping on kitty litter with my bare feet.
  2. Getting in the shower only to realize I ran out of shampoo.
  3. Winter.
  4. When I remember I have to do something right as I’m falling asleep.
  5. When people take a seat on a crowded subway for only one stop.
  6. Wanting to take a shower early in the morning on a snowy day and there being no hot water left.
  7. When the book I really want to read is checked out.
  8. People who ask a thousand stupid questions in the middle of long meetings.
  9. People who are rude.
  10. Ice cream.
  11. When my cat farts next to my face, then walks away.
  12. Hip pain.
  13. Student loans.
  14. People who feel entitled to do things without permission from others.
  15. Anyone who tries to explain away violent acts against children.

15 Things That Still Surprise Me

  1. The moon sometimes looks HUGE!  And taking a picture of it with my phone is impossible.
  2. Putting books on a shelf feels really good.
  3. I’m never too embarrassed to buy pizza.
  4. Having sex with someone who likes you is always better than everyone else.
  5. I like sleeping without an AC, but only when no one else is looking.
  6. Buying a couch is much harder than one would think.
  7. I like cats.
  8. A squash lasts exactly 11.5 months in the fridge before it goes bad.
  9. People are complex.
  10. The longer my hair gets, the more noticeable my white hairs are.
  11. The grass is never greener.
  12. I still really love texting.
  13. It’s possible to love things again.
  14. Pork buns are never not the answer.
  15. Holding someone’s hand happens when I’m not even paying attention.

15 Things I Love About Flying

1. They go so fast!

2. Sometimes you get to see a lot of clouds.

3. Take-off and landing still feels like magic.

4. Sometimes you get unlimited soda.

5. You now get wireless.

6. I still have time to play my gameboy during my flight–just like the good ol’ days.

7. Sometimes the movies are really cool.

8. Window seat!

9. I’m in love with seeing the midwest from up high.

10. If your neighbors move to another seat, you get the whole section to yourself.

11. Boarding is always really exciting.

12. The stewardesses are really nice.

13. Sometimes you get a baby-free flight.

14. There’s lots of time for reading and writing.

15. Everything in the airport is duty-free.

15 Things I’d Rather Be Doing Than Dealing With Bed Bugs

1. Homework.

2. My taxes.

3. Going on vacation with someone who hates me.

4. Moving into a new apartment.

5. Running 26.1 miles, uphill, both ways, in the snow.

6. Having my blood drawn.

7. Finding out I have a tapeworm.

8. Experiencing explosive and unpredictable diarrhea.

9. Vomiting.

10. Getting one million papercuts over the course of a week.

11. Relive my last relationship.

12. Watch every episode of 19 and Counting.

13. Go through high school again.

14. Gain 50 pounds, but only in my left leg.

15. Lose my hearing for a month.

15 Things About Bed Bugs That Suck So Hard

1. They are gross.

2. Apparently they get into EVERYTHING.

3. You spend a crapton of money dealing with them.

4. Exterminators are all jerks and talk down to you.  Yes, sir.  I did this on purpose so I could get more attention than I normally do.

5. You feel things crawling on you all the time.

6. Everyone sits a little farther away when they hear the news.

7. You feel guilty having anyone come even remotely close to your stuff.

8. You feel like you can’t ask for the help you need.

9. You feel dirty.

10. Sleeping through the night is really hard.

11. Laundry becomes a favorite escape.

12. Any movement out of the corner of your eye or strange bug bite gets analyzed for hours.

13. Everyone somehow knows exactly what to do and no one is right.

14. You find out who your real friends are.

15. Your landlord hates you.

15 Things I Love About Book Expo

1. It literally smells like paper.

2. So.  Many.  Books.

3. Everyone loves librarians.

4. I meet so many awesome people in line.

5. I meet authors I never thought I’d meet.

6. My mind is opened to so many new things.

7. Everyone is really nice.

8. The hours fly by.

9. I get to miss work for a few days to reconnect with why I love being a librarian.

10. I get that tingly feeling all the time.

11. I’m reminded of being twelve and getting the rush of loving a new book.

12. I never have to buy a pen ever again.

13. People are excited about their passions.

14. I also never have to buy another poster ever again.

15. It gives me the means to share my love of books with others.