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15 Things I Would Rather Do Than Go Outside In The Snow

  1. Eat ice cream.*
  2. Pet my cat.*
  3. Write part of my novel.
  4. Make a delicious stew.*
  5. Take a long, hot shower.*
  6. Stay in my PJs all day.*
  7. Check outside every few minutes for my packages to arrive.*
  8. Organize my desk.*
  9. Laugh about the laundry I’m not going to do.*
  10. Light a Harry Potter themed candle.*
  11. Play video games.*
  12. Read books.*
  13. Have hot chocolate.
  14. Watch the snow fall from my window.*
  15. Sleep in.*

*= Things I did during my snow day.

15 Things I Wish Were Possible After I Lose Weight

  1. Wearing super sexy dresses.
  2. Not having to fear flying away when I wave due to flappy arm fat.
  3. Be able to run a marathon.
  4. Or a 10 minute mile for that matter.
  5. Not getting sighed at when I sit next to someone on the subway.
  6. Be taken seriously at meetings.
  7. Not always crave food.
  8. Not having people offer me advice when they see me eat.
  9. Have a healthy body—especially a healthy heart.
  10. Feel like I deserve to be spoken to.
  11. Buy clothes at any place at all without worrying.
  12. Worry more about my hair than my ass.
  13. Be able to go running in just a running shirt, no cover-up jacket needed.
  14. Wear a bikini
  15. Feel pretty with my clothes off.


15 Things I Won’t Ever Tell You

  1. Loving you scares me because it makes me feel vulnerable.
  2. I really love waking up with you.
  3. Whenever you’re meeting me somewhere, I look forward to seeing you the whole day.
  4. I really love when you share details about your day with me.
  5. I love our phone calls before bed.
  6. Sometimes I try to imagine what you will look like as an old man—I’ve got many theories so far.
  7. Sometimes you frustrate me, and in those moments I find myself grateful most for your patience.
  8. You make me feel really special.
  9. The way you touch my belly without fear is the thing that makes me feel the most beautiful.
  10. Your kindness is often lined with understanding and forgiveness—two things I need desperately.
  11. I like your hair the way it is.
  12. I think you’re really smart and I love that.
  13. All those times when I cringe and say “You’re so nerdy!” what I’m really saying is “I really love that you do this.”
  14. I love hearing what you really think and feel.
  15. I really love the way you get excited—even if it’s just over dinner.

15 Things I Wish I Could Do Again When I Am Sick

  1. Breathe through my nose.
  2. Cough without sounding like a smoker.
  3. Smell things.
  4. Taste things.
  5. Sleep on a normal amount of pillows.
  6. Sleep in general
  7. Not choke on lung snot.
  8. Not make everyone worry that I have the cooties.
  9. Swallow without feeling razor blades.
  10. Sound like a human instead of a puppet.
  11. Get excited about things that are not tissue-related.
  12. In fact, not have to carry the guilt of using too many tissues.
  13. Remember what having energy feels like.
  14. Not having to wipe my eyes because they’re watering enough to make me look like I’m crying.
  15. Eat/drink/kiss without the panic that I may accidentally suffocate.

15 Things I Would Rather Be Doing Than Sitting At This Damn Meeting

  1. Have a dentist look at my teeth.
  2. Clean my whole apartment.
  3. Have to count one thousand toothpicks.
  4. Scoop cat poop for an hour.
  5. Teach five classes straight.
  6. Rewrite my thesis.
  7. Have to walk home from work.
  8. Listen to Donald Trump talk about what he would do as president.
  9. Eat a ton of paint chips.
  10. Sit on a giant ice block for an hour.
  11. Eat nothing but salads for the next three years.
  12. Roll around on broken glass.
  13. Find out I have bed bugs. Again.
  14. Have a stomach virus for a month.
  15. Rub poison ivy all over my body.

15 Things I Want To Do In 2016

  1. Read at least 50 books.
  2. Lose 10 pounds.
  3. Run a 10k.
  4. Make my apartment pretty.
  5. Buy a sofa.
  6. Travel to a new state.
  7. Finish my novel.
  8. Make art often.
  9. Visit friends in different states.
  10. Write more postcards.
  11. Keep Storymakers alive.
  12. Remind people in my life that they are loved.
  13. Try at least one new restaurant.
  14. Find a more permanent bubble tea hangout.
  15. Be really, really happy, really, really often.

15 Things I Want For Christmas

  1. Lots and lots of coloring books.
  2. An unlimited supply of soup.
  3. Someone to invent calorie-free chocolate.
  4. And maybe also calorie-free potato chips.
  5. For Hendrix to learn how to play with toys.
  6. For those who don’t feel loved to know they are loved.
  7. Somehow, someone discovers my blog and gives me tons of money to run it.
  8. Maybe an agent to grab my book too.
  9. A rockin’ dress that fits my body no matter what size I am.
  10. A roomba that also does the dishes.
  11. A huge raise my job forgot about.
  12. A free trip to everywhere.
  13. For a truck filled with candles to overturn in front of my apartment, gifting me thousands of amazing scented candles.
  14. For everyone to be happier than they can imagine.
  15. And for every person on this earth to feel safe–even for a little while.