Time Without

Time Without
Veronica R. Tabares

Award winning novelist Veronica R. Tabares has released her new novel, Time Without, which tells the hilarious adventure of a family traveling through time.

Time Without is packed with fun family antics, good humor, and promises an unforgettable romp through time with a spunky family.

Veronica’s new book centers on Vanessa. It all starts with a normal family life for Vanessa with her husband and kids. Until one fine morning when Vanessa wakes up to find the world drastically changed. The plot deepens when she realizes that her husband is in grave danger and the onus is on her to find out what exactly is creating the mayhem in her world. Her search for the answer takes her to the department of time travel (Department of Temporal Adjustment). The story takes on a whole new exciting turn from here as Vanessa & her kids embark on a thrilling and fun-filled adventure through time.

“I am excited about my new novel Time Without. The book offers insight into the chaos that could happen if the wrong person hopped back into the past and messed things up a bit. I love humor, and this book should keep you entertained as you join Vanessa and her kids in their crazy journey through time. Science fiction doesn’t always have to be for nerds—in fact, a dash of family drama makes the whole thing even more interesting. I really think you’ll enjoy reading Time Without,” stated the author.

The author holds a BA degree in Anthropology, and Master degrees in Library & Information Science and Creative Writing. Her last novel was Gray Zone (2014) which won her Bronze in the Juvenile/YA category in the esteemed Feathered Quill Book Awards. She also has proved her skills in screenwriting and has written multiple screenplays that have received great response in various contests.

Time Without marks the 6th novel for Veronica but it’s the first one where she has narrated the great tale of a family traveling together through time to save a loved one— as well as half of humankind.

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