50 Golden Rules For a Happy and Fulfilled Life

Ever wanted a compass for life? Herein is a step by step guide to a happy and fulfilled life presented in 50 golden rules from the life compass of a medical doctor born poor currently doing residency in a teaching hospital in Europe.

The rules in this book are plain, amazing, simple and down to earth. You will: learn to live life like a winner and not like a loser • Be better able to cope in times of adversities or challenges • Learn to have a firm grip and understanding of life • Be presented with a step by step guide on core issues about life to help you experience and live to the fullest of your potentials • Be encouraged to see an extra reason to give and receive, be willing to be more generous and compassionate • Be able to utilize it as a reference to tap into any challenging situation reflecting core aspects of life prompting you to tackle problems more maturely and by avoiding shortcuts • Learn to love and understand what happiness and satisfaction means for you • Learn how to look beyond your shortcomings and rise above failures • Appreciate increasing your money thermostat, bury poverty and start to better think money and wealth • Receive clues to figure out your purpose of life • Take nothing for granted as you harness your potentials and blessings of life • Understand the importance of humor and laughter • Understand karma and spirituality • Appreciate the importance of good health, good sex, good mind, good friends and family • Learn to see criticisms or failures not as a backlash but as a chance to step up and get better or fight on • Understand and appreciate that the best leaders are the ones that are empowered through service and willingness to make the clan and others get better • Value the importance of thwarting the ignorance and pettiness in practicing racism, aggression, terrorism, discrimination and instead learn to replace them with peace, justice, law, order and most importantly love.

Research shows happiness tends to lower the risk of cardiovascular problems; this means less risk of heart attacks and less strokes. Happy people are less likely to have injuries and accidents, more likely to have healthy relationships, less likely to commit suicide and tend to live longer among others due to the aforementioned reasons.

Read these rules with an open mind in good times and in challenging moments!

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Essential Oils Guide

This book contains over 118 essential oils and recipes. (48 generally safe essential oils plus 20 Best massage therapy oils, 26 Essential Oil Recipes and 24 most effective arthritis cure Essential Oils) for the treatment and cure of: Rheumatoid Arthritis, Joints Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Inflammation and Haemorrhoids.

Chapter 3 and 4 contained over 20 readily available essential oil recipes for Massage Therapy, Bath, Rheumatoid Arthritis Cure, Joints Inflammation Cure, Joints Pain Relief and Haemorrhoids Cure. The recipes and oils contained in this book will offer you the final solution to various health challenges.

My interest to write this book was birthed, when I realized the effectiveness of certain essential oils for the treatment and cure of, Arthritis and Joints pain problems suffered by my 72 years old grandma. She suffered from arthritic shoulder and severe pains in and around her joints. We took her to different physicians and they did their best to manage her situation. Drugs like Fentanyl, Oxycodone, Celebrex, Ibuprofen, Naproxen and Aspirin were prescribed to give her relief, but none could cure nor offer long/permanent solution. After years of using various drugs, other side effects began to emanate. During this period, she complained that she was sick and tired of living her life on drugs. This was the turning point of her life.

A family friend whom had suffered from similar illness recommended a physiotherapist for us whom she said, offered her a solution when she suffered from arthritis and joints pain problems. To this very moment, I am glad we gave it a try and we were never disappointed. Within a period of three (3) weeks, my grandma’s health rejuvenated, her color became brighter and she was full of more live. –All thanks to Aromatherapy massage and certain essential oils administered – topically (cold and hot compress), Bath, Inhalation and Massage. Whether you’ve heard before or you’re hearing it for the first time, over 46 million people had been affected so far by Arthritis in the US. So, it’s high time we take back what belong to us (good health) by using safe essential oils and herbs.
The essential oils recommended in this book are safe. After all, most of them were used by my grand mama, my mom and dad, and few once I have used personally to treat joints pain.

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Time Without

Time Without
Veronica R. Tabares

Award winning novelist Veronica R. Tabares has released her new novel, Time Without, which tells the hilarious adventure of a family traveling through time.

Time Without is packed with fun family antics, good humor, and promises an unforgettable romp through time with a spunky family.

Veronica’s new book centers on Vanessa. It all starts with a normal family life for Vanessa with her husband and kids. Until one fine morning when Vanessa wakes up to find the world drastically changed. The plot deepens when she realizes that her husband is in grave danger and the onus is on her to find out what exactly is creating the mayhem in her world. Her search for the answer takes her to the department of time travel (Department of Temporal Adjustment). The story takes on a whole new exciting turn from here as Vanessa & her kids embark on a thrilling and fun-filled adventure through time.

“I am excited about my new novel Time Without. The book offers insight into the chaos that could happen if the wrong person hopped back into the past and messed things up a bit. I love humor, and this book should keep you entertained as you join Vanessa and her kids in their crazy journey through time. Science fiction doesn’t always have to be for nerds—in fact, a dash of family drama makes the whole thing even more interesting. I really think you’ll enjoy reading Time Without,” stated the author.

The author holds a BA degree in Anthropology, and Master degrees in Library & Information Science and Creative Writing. Her last novel was Gray Zone (2014) which won her Bronze in the Juvenile/YA category in the esteemed Feathered Quill Book Awards. She also has proved her skills in screenwriting and has written multiple screenplays that have received great response in various contests.

Time Without marks the 6th novel for Veronica but it’s the first one where she has narrated the great tale of a family traveling together through time to save a loved one— as well as half of humankind.

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