Free Multimedia Book of Dark and Romantic Poetry and Short Stories

Shadowy and mysterious works of poetry, mixed with stories and scenes from the author’s upcoming book, and all combine in this extensive range of works by Ronald Randazzo, which will draw you into his world of dark romance and ethereal beauty.

Poems like “The Golden Branch” speak of a twisted logic, analogies of nature and a deal not worth doing, while “A Birthday Letter” is deep and conceives suggestions of a love that has been lost and will never be returned.

A Moment in Your Arms is 220 pages of personal thoughts which keep you on your toes and make you question everything. It is a collection of beauty and madness, of hope and despair and of love and sometimes hate. Immerse yourself in its pages, select a single poem when you are in need of something different, or sample a few pages when you find that you have time to reflect on their words. It is a book which can be read in sections or picked up and dropped as the mood takes you.

Also includes a BONUS selection of chapters from the in-progress and unpublished novel Sadly Jane & Empty.

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