Gratitude: G

G is for Goals

The goals I’ve set for myself throughout my life have changed as the things that are important to me change.  When I first started losing weight, getting smaller and weighing less were the only things that mattered to me.  I didn’t care if it meant starving all day, or skipping parties or hurting myself.  I just wanted to feel pretty and thin.  I dropped a lot of weight, but it was very difficult to keep it off.

Now that I’m older, being smaller is still important, but not as important as being strong and being happy and healthy.  I started lifting weights and working out to make my body stronger than it was.  I started putting experiences before the number on the scale, and I’m getting better at living happy and healthy at the same time.  Realizing that this journey isn’t going to stop when I reach my goal weight has made me appreciate the time it’s taking me to get there a little more.

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