Gratitude: I

I is for Ice Cream

Ice cream is my favorite sweet to indulge in, and when I started on my healthy journey, it felt like it would also have to be something I would soon be giving up.  Part of growing as a person was realizing that I could buy my ice cream and eat it too.  Making healthier choices for myself allowed me to not have to give up my favorite thing, while at the same time it really made me appreciate how special ice cream was as a treat.  Learning to plan, and to portion my indulgences was an important step in realizing that being healthy and taking care of myself doesn’t need to be a punishment, and that despite all my thinking, I deserve good things.

Gratitude: H

H is for Hips

My hips are the biggest part of my body, but they’re also my favorite part.  I like the way they look in dresses and jeans, and I am really grateful for the things that they do for me.  I used to run a great deal, and I had to stop because of a hip injury.  As summer approaches, and I get ready to start running again, I’m grateful to have healthy and happy hips that allow me to move, jump, play and run.  My hips make me feel feminine and sexy—they’re a part of me that I have struggled to love, but am forever happy to have.

Bea by Laura Lawrence

Laura Lawrence

Bea follows Paige’s journey to become a mother. Paige and her husband Stuart are desperate to become parents but are struggling to conceive and once pregnant, Paige has lost all of her babies. Plummeting into depression she fall for her new best friend, Jeremy, he’s kind and caring and knows how to stop her pain that she’s kept hidden from her husband. Paige struggles to get through the days and thinks a new life with Jeremy could be the answer. What a shame he’s perfect for her life long best friend. In a bid to save her crumbling marriage Paige sets up her two friends and works on her own relationship. Will she be able to succeed in her dream of becoming a mother now the depression has been lifted?

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