Gratitude: F

F is for Future

Getting older always scared me because I feared what I would be like as my life carried on.  I feared getting creaky and losing my independence because it’s what I saw happen to the adults around me.

My body is my greatest weapon against losing my ability to take care of myself, and now that I’m working to get stronger and healthier, I’ve found I’m more likely to look forward to things happening in the future.  I’m more excited to see what life will be like in the decades to come.

I won’t pretend that my partner Alex doesn’t play a big role in how excited I am to go on adventures and get old and yell at the kids on my lawn.  His energy and support makes me feel like anything is possible and I’ll have a strong, bubbly partner by my side to see it all happen.  I do deserve some credit for working towards a healthier self–something I’m already seeing the benefits of.