Gratitude: C

Every other week this year, I will explore gratitude through one letter of the alphabet.  This journey will most likely be centered around my weight loss journey, but some weeks, my gratitude will expand into other areas of my life.  Join me, and let me know what you’re grateful for each week!

C is for Cat

An old boss would always tell me I should get a cat, and though I’m sure he wasn’t completely serious most of the time, the idea started to stick in my brain.  In May of 2015, I decided that getting a cat was exactly what I needed, and my best friend and I drove off to a shelter to pick one up.  Hendrix was a shy cat with no teeth, and though the shelter warned me that he probably wouldn’t bond well with humans (he had a sad life in a crate prior to being rescued by the county), he wouldn’t make a good companion.

Not only did Hendrix bond with me and everyone that he meets, he’s one of the sweetest animals I’ve ever encountered.  I’m so lucky to have found a cat this amazing, even if he drools on everything I own because he’s toothless, and he steals my turkey sandwiches when I’m not looking.  And barfs in front of my bedroom door during the night so I step in it when I wake up.  And farts something fierce while we cuddle.  And gets kitty litter on the dining room table.  I swear, I love him.

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