Gratitude: A

Every other week this year, I will explore gratitude through one letter of the alphabet.  This journey will most likely be centered around my weight loss journey, but some weeks, my gratitude will expand into other areas of my life.  Join me, and let me know what you’re grateful for each week!

A is for Allies

When you start losing weight or trying to become healthier, the hardest part is battling everyone around you.  Friends, who mean well, will offer you food they think is healthy, but you cannot or should not eat.  Coworkers will parade food they don’t want to keep at home around the office, and whenever you need to go out for dinner with friends or drinks with family, the strength it takes not to give up is immeasurable.  Allies, people who are willing to take on some of the burden, are essential.  They think ahead, ask important questions, and make some choices on your behalf they know will help.  Without allies, any journey would be lonely, and very difficult.

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