New Me Week Six and Week Seven: Emotional Exhaustion

These two weeks brought on a ton of extra work (professional and personal), and a lot of stresses.  During week five, I worked really hard to get myself on track and experienced a lot of success.  The night before the weigh-in though, I went to a party and after misunderstanding what was going on, overate by a lot.  The result was a gain the next day.

I was so upset–I felt like all my hard work during the week meant absolutely nothing and that I had wasted all that effort on a misunderstanding.

During the following week I found it so hard to focus, to say no, and to get back where I needed to be mentally.  I spoke to Alex about how discouraged and frustrated I was, and he suggested I might be emotionally exhausted.

And then everything made sense.

I was getting to a point where whenever a person offered me food I wasn’t planning on eating, I was answering with frustration and with a “Ugh, fine, you win, whatever–just give it to me!”  These weren’t even food pushers most of the time–it was just average people being nice and asking if I wanted to have something they were eating.  I mean, I couldn’t even bring myself to write my regular blog post, because the idea of devoting any more emotion and thought on how things were going made me want to cry tired tears.

Recognizing the exhaustion was key to me taking a little bit of time to acknowledge the problem, and make a better plan for week seven, which went really awesome and resulted in a weight loss.

I think it’s important to check in with our bodies every now and again, and acknowledge what’s going on, even when the answer is just, “I’m really tired and can’t deal with very much right now.”

Sometimes this means pulling out of social engagements that might not put us in a safe spot or may not allow for us to take the best care of ourselves.  Sometimes this means that we have to communicate a little better with those who love us and are helping us on this journey.  Sometimes all it takes is one person making a decision for us to help recharge that self-love energy.

That being said, week seven was much easier.  I could talk about how I was feeling, and I even identified a time when looking for a place to eat was making me tired of saying no.  This was my greatest accomplishment of the week–learning when things made me start to give up and asking for help to stop the process.

A place to eat was eventually picked, I was able to get a healthy meal, and I even planned ahead enough to have some prosecco!

2016-12-11-19-47-53_reducedUnrelated to my week: I’ve decided to move recipes and exercise to their own posts on the blog–if you’d like to read up on what I’ve been making, check out the main page of!

Starting weight: 210.2 lbs

Current weight: 200.0 lbs

Total loss: -10.2 lbs

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