Alex Gino

This is about George, a young child who is born a boy but knows he is actually a girl.  It’s the story of her discovering bravery and confronting her family, her friends, and her own heart to debut in the world exactly the way she was meant to.

I started this book ready to love it—trans-child as a main character by an author who didn’t seem like they were using the trans-community to make a quick buck?  Yes, please!  Regardless of how ready I was to read about a little girl waiting to be seen, I was still nervous that I was going to be disappointed.

Overall, I really liked this book—it proved to be just a plain ol’ story, which was a huge relief.  Sometimes when a book comes out about a hot topic or featuring a character that’s not white/straight/CIS, so on, there tends to be a lot of explaining regarding what it’s like to exist as them.  While this book did that, I don’t think it was over-the-top or condescending.

My favorite character in the book (besides Melissa, of course) was her best friend.  We all need a Kelly in our life, and her character really helped to settle the tense moments when adults said or did the wrong thing.

And that’s another thing—the reactions of the adults in Melissa’s life felt very real.  Not every adult gets it, or can keep up with a trans-child’s needs during their transition.  Sometimes they say the wrong thing, even if they have good intentions.  In this book, there’s a lot of push back and a lot of confusion.  Reading the parts where her teacher said silly things, or the anger and denial of Melissa’s mother awoke a protective fierceness in me.  I think that’s an important thing to read and to feel.

And so—if you’re looking for a sweet book about a little girl who want to play Charlotte in her school’s production of Charlotte’s Web, grab this one.  I rate it 4/5 stars.

PS: Alex Gino’s website is one of the happiest author sites I’ve seen in a while.  Look them up, they’re awesome.

Unexpected: Short Stories From Around the World

captureFans of short stories with a sting in the tail, are in for an exiling treat when the new book, Unexpected, is launched in October.

Unexpected – Short stories from around the world

Written by PF Citizen One, Unexpected is a collection of true life short stories inspired by the author’s travels around the world and the people he has met. The book features seven thought-provoking, humorous and engaging stories that end with the most unlikely twist.

In one of the stories, The Wedding Contract, the author tells the story of a man who was forced to sign a pre-nuptial agreement simply because his wife was wealthy and he was considered poor. As time went on, fortunes changed and the man became far wealthier than his wife. His wife and friends dreaded the worst from him because of his new financial position but what he did next was shocking.

Working as a Petroleum Engineer has enabled Citizen One to travel to many different countries.  As a result, the stories feature characters from different cultures and nationalities- an element that adds excitement and variety to the stories.

When asked about his motivation to write the book,  Citizen One explained: “I have learned a lot about life from listening and being kind to people, as well as from stories others have shared with me. I actively listen, and often feel like I’ve heard these stories many times before, until I realize that each story is unexpected and instructive. These experiences have inspired me to write. I wanted to write the type of stories that I would enjoy reading: true life stories. At first, you feel like you’ve heard these stories many times before, until you read the ending. This is true life—unexpected.

Love, injustice, friendship are central themes throughout the book. Each story is unique and helps readers to be aware that regardless of what is going on in their lives, at any given time, something unexpected (good or bad) could completely change their life.

Unexpected will go on sale on October 7 and will be available in Kindle format on  For further information visit:

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