New Me: Week One

So my first week wasn’t so bad.

I mean, I spent way more time than I thought I would trying to talk about how hard eating is for me, and I spent way more time than I thought I would planning out my meals, but that’s how growing works, right?

Let’s look at the week.


I got to do really cool things in personal training, which includes, but is not limited to: front squats.  I’m always trying to learn what the exercises are called, but sometimes I’m not so great with the memory.  Basically, this is me saying I hope they’re actually called front squats.

2016-10-30-18-14-582016-10-30-18-14-52They were pretty tough at first because I was so scared of dropping the bar, but once I got over that fear, they were pretty cool.  I mean, look how cool I look doing them.



I made some yummy dishes at home, and of course did not take any photos of them.  Instead, I want to tell you about a victory I had outside of the apartment.  I went to a party on Saturday that I was really worried about.  It was a nighttime party, which meant it would most likely happening after I ate all my points for the day.  And it would probably be filled with temptations.

After a brief freak out, I settled on bringing a vegetable platter with me to the party, and made sure I sat near it.  Crisis averted.

Also, check out how awesome I look in my Halloween costume!


Nick made the backpack from scratch.  I got a million compliments on the subway—not such a bad thing, gotta be honest with you.

Now onto my second week, ready for whatever comes!

Starting weight: 210.2 lbs

Current weight: 206.6 lbs

Total loss: -3.6 lbs

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