Why I’m Supporting Jill Stein

Sit down.  We need to talk.

In this upcoming election, I will be voting for Jill Stein.

Let me tell you why.

I have been a huge Jill Stein fan for years.  I’ve voted for her before in the presidential election, and I’m happy to do it again.  I think she’s awesome–she embodies many of the things I hold dear to my heart, and her fire cannot be quenched by two-party politics.  She makes me feel hopeful for what change could look like, and she makes me feel like someone actually thinks I’m a real person worthy of personhood.  I genuinely respect her, and I love hearing the things she has to say.

Now, you may be looking at my Twitter account and wondering how the nuts I could possibly say that I’ll be voting for Stein when I’ve been living, breathing, and shouting about Bernie Sanders all year.  You’re correct.  Bernie Sanders is a potential Democratic nominee that sounds so close to Stein, I nearly lost myself.  There’s very little that could destroy the hope I felt to have an almost-Stein in a major party with the platform and ability to publicly and nationally tell people that they are worth the government’s attention and that the games need to stop.  How could I not cover myself in Bernie Sanders stickers?

But now we’re at a point where the primaries are coming to a close and I’m getting closer to admitting that Hillary Clinton will probably take the nomination.  Most people are really excited about this, and they have every right to be.  They’re Clinton fans or apathetic or neutral or terrified of Trump.  This is all fine with me–I’m still voting for Jill Stein.

I’m tired of people telling me that I’m being selfish because I won’t vote for Hillary Clinton.  These people see my protesting as immature foot stomping because I didn’t get my way.  Listen carefully:  I will not be bullied into voting for someone I don’t support.  No one listened to me when I worried about Trump last summer.  Everyone said there was no way he could possibly win the nomination.  No one listened to me when I said Clinton might lose the election if she was up against Trump.  Now everyone is worried about a split vote.  Want me to vote Democratic?  Make Bernie Sanders the nominee.  My vote is not for sale.

The usual response I get is that I am one of the following: Ignorant, stubborn, naive, selfish, or stupid.  I’m reminded it’s time to unite the party and all come together to support Clinton.  I’m not a member of the Democratic party.  I don’t have to unite your party.  My vote was swayed by a Democratic Socialist with awesome hair.  If he’s not who I can vote for, then I’m voting for who I came out here to support: Jill Stein.

Scared of Trump winning?  Let’s unite and vote for Jill Stein.  Want a woman to be the first president?  Vote for Jill Stein.  If you feel like you have a right to pass judgement on my vote because I refuse to support the corporate candidate, then you need to reassess your understanding of how this political process works.

We’re all here to vote for what we believe in and what will help the most people.  Instead of pulling the ladder up behind us, let’s turn around and share the resources that make this country incredible.  We’re so close.

And for those who are already getting their engines ready to tell me the error of my ways, I’m sorry to tell you like this, but I’m seeing someone else.

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