15 Things I Wish Were Possible After I Lose Weight

  1. Wearing super sexy dresses.
  2. Not having to fear flying away when I wave due to flappy arm fat.
  3. Be able to run a marathon.
  4. Or a 10 minute mile for that matter.
  5. Not getting sighed at when I sit next to someone on the subway.
  6. Be taken seriously at meetings.
  7. Not always crave food.
  8. Not having people offer me advice when they see me eat.
  9. Have a healthy body—especially a healthy heart.
  10. Feel like I deserve to be spoken to.
  11. Buy clothes at any place at all without worrying.
  12. Worry more about my hair than my ass.
  13. Be able to go running in just a running shirt, no cover-up jacket needed.
  14. Wear a bikini
  15. Feel pretty with my clothes off.


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