15 Things I Wish Were Possible After I Lose Weight

  1. Wearing super sexy dresses.
  2. Not having to fear flying away when I wave due to flappy arm fat.
  3. Be able to run a marathon.
  4. Or a 10 minute mile for that matter.
  5. Not getting sighed at when I sit next to someone on the subway.
  6. Be taken seriously at meetings.
  7. Not always crave food.
  8. Not having people offer me advice when they see me eat.
  9. Have a healthy body—especially a healthy heart.
  10. Feel like I deserve to be spoken to.
  11. Buy clothes at any place at all without worrying.
  12. Worry more about my hair than my ass.
  13. Be able to go running in just a running shirt, no cover-up jacket needed.
  14. Wear a bikini
  15. Feel pretty with my clothes off.


For Hendrix

Dear Everyone,

Last year I adopted a sweet cat named Hendrix from a shelter.  He has spent his life pre-shelter in a cat carrier, stacked up in a house of a woman who was hoarding cats.  He had very little interaction with humans but somehow welcomed me into his heart nearly instantly.  After being warned that he would be very difficult to approach in the beginning stages of getting used to his forever home, I was surprised with a purring ball of love crawling into my lap and instantly begging for cuddles.

2015-06-14 23.17.02He’s never been anything but loving, and even though his poop smells nuclear, and he doesn’t know how to play with anything, he’s my favorite companion (sorry Alex) and the very best snuggler.  He purrs nearly constantly–I adore this cat.

2015-09-30 07.46.35On Saturday Hendrix vomited in a way that bordered on impressive, and then didn’t eat for over 24 hours.  This was weird because he usually eats two cans a day, and will meow for hours until he’s fed. We brought him to the vet, and they did an x-ray and ultrasound on him.  They found that his intestines had doubled back on each other, and according to the vet, his intestines were basically eating themselves.  This was causing a blockage, and making him sick.

He went in for emergency surgery this morning to fix the problem, and the vet called right after–cat is alright, but when they went in to fix the problem, they found a huge tumor blocking his intestines.  To save him, they removed over six inches of it, and the tumor.

2016-05-25 12.34.21So now Hendrix is resting and recovering from surgery, and will be home again in two days.  While I’m feeling happy and optimistic, the cancer could potentially come back–this is a bridge we’ll cross whenever we get to it.

2016-01-24 20.56.54Many of you have been asking how you can help.  Mostly, by sending love and hugs.

If you’d like to help with surgery costs (which surprisingly was more than my whole summer of physical therapy and an MRI), here are my two shops that you can shop in:

The Etsy Shop

The Fiverr Shop

For all those with pets, I wish you safe snuggles and happy hugs–may they always stay safe and fill your life with love.

Sending you my heart.