15 Things I Won’t Ever Tell You

  1. Loving you scares me because it makes me feel vulnerable.
  2. I really love waking up with you.
  3. Whenever you’re meeting me somewhere, I look forward to seeing you the whole day.
  4. I really love when you share details about your day with me.
  5. I love our phone calls before bed.
  6. Sometimes I try to imagine what you will look like as an old man—I’ve got many theories so far.
  7. Sometimes you frustrate me, and in those moments I find myself grateful most for your patience.
  8. You make me feel really special.
  9. The way you touch my belly without fear is the thing that makes me feel the most beautiful.
  10. Your kindness is often lined with understanding and forgiveness—two things I need desperately.
  11. I like your hair the way it is.
  12. I think you’re really smart and I love that.
  13. All those times when I cringe and say “You’re so nerdy!” what I’m really saying is “I really love that you do this.”
  14. I love hearing what you really think and feel.
  15. I really love the way you get excited—even if it’s just over dinner.

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