15 Things I Wish I Could Do Again When I Am Sick

  1. Breathe through my nose.
  2. Cough without sounding like a smoker.
  3. Smell things.
  4. Taste things.
  5. Sleep on a normal amount of pillows.
  6. Sleep in general
  7. Not choke on lung snot.
  8. Not make everyone worry that I have the cooties.
  9. Swallow without feeling razor blades.
  10. Sound like a human instead of a puppet.
  11. Get excited about things that are not tissue-related.
  12. In fact, not have to carry the guilt of using too many tissues.
  13. Remember what having energy feels like.
  14. Not having to wipe my eyes because they’re watering enough to make me look like I’m crying.
  15. Eat/drink/kiss without the panic that I may accidentally suffocate.

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