15 Things I Would Rather Be Doing Than Sitting At This Damn Meeting

  1. Have a dentist look at my teeth.
  2. Clean my whole apartment.
  3. Have to count one thousand toothpicks.
  4. Scoop cat poop for an hour.
  5. Teach five classes straight.
  6. Rewrite my thesis.
  7. Have to walk home from work.
  8. Listen to Donald Trump talk about what he would do as president.
  9. Eat a ton of paint chips.
  10. Sit on a giant ice block for an hour.
  11. Eat nothing but salads for the next three years.
  12. Roll around on broken glass.
  13. Find out I have bed bugs. Again.
  14. Have a stomach virus for a month.
  15. Rub poison ivy all over my body.

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