15 Things I Want For Christmas

  1. Lots and lots of coloring books.
  2. An unlimited supply of soup.
  3. Someone to invent calorie-free chocolate.
  4. And maybe also calorie-free potato chips.
  5. For Hendrix to learn how to play with toys.
  6. For those who don’t feel loved to know they are loved.
  7. Somehow, someone discovers my blog and gives me tons of money to run it.
  8. Maybe an agent to grab my book too.
  9. A rockin’ dress that fits my body no matter what size I am.
  10. A roomba that also does the dishes.
  11. A huge raise my job forgot about.
  12. A free trip to everywhere.
  13. For a truck filled with candles to overturn in front of my apartment, gifting me thousands of amazing scented candles.
  14. For everyone to be happier than they can imagine.
  15. And for every person on this earth to feel safe–even for a little while.

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