Noise From The Locker Room

VOL_1Author Rose Marie Whiteside Releases Character Building Book Series Titled Noise From The Locker Room

Featuring a multitude of clip-arts and rhymes made from quotes of many people, author Rose Marie Whiteside has released her series of 5 books titled Noise From The Locker Room. The books are stated to be for character development in youngsters.

Character building is a very important part of a young person’s education, be it in school or at home. There are many ways one can inspire young children and teenagers to find their muse in life, but nothing can come close to the power of literature.

Known previously for her renowned book titled As for Me and My House- Education Is Important, Author Rose Marie Whiteside has now published her series of 5 books made from quotes that Whiteside has heard from people in her life; she has put them together in inspirational rhymes to help young students and teenagers with character development.

Based on life topics, the rhymes have been written as if they are going on in a school locker room, so that young students and teenagers can better relate to it. ROSE_MARIE_7_black_and_white

Turning 80 years old in July of 2016, the author has had an expansive career as an administrator, head of statewide employee training and developer of regulatory policy and procedure while working with statewide organizations and non-profits. The author also spoke about her books in an official press statement.

Noise From the Locker Room assists children, youth, and parents to examine choices made and fantasized. Is there a right way or is best merely synonymous with personal? Does it even matter? Which way would you have analyzed the wisdom from quotations from the past? Your opinion is as good as anyone else who examines life and its choices. What would you say or others in your family or social circles from the locker room?” stated the author.

Contact information for the author is within her website, or e-mail

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Dear Men Arguing on the D Train,

No—YOU listen. Let ME tell you about the effects of 9/11 on people. Let me tell you about watching people turn into hateful monsters. Let me tell you about loss. I don’t see why we shouldn’t just hand this damn country over to ISIS anyway—we’ve already destroyed it with our intolerance and racism. Don’t you dare use 9/11 as justification to hate.


The very annoyed librarian

15 Things I Want For Christmas

  1. Lots and lots of coloring books.
  2. An unlimited supply of soup.
  3. Someone to invent calorie-free chocolate.
  4. And maybe also calorie-free potato chips.
  5. For Hendrix to learn how to play with toys.
  6. For those who don’t feel loved to know they are loved.
  7. Somehow, someone discovers my blog and gives me tons of money to run it.
  8. Maybe an agent to grab my book too.
  9. A rockin’ dress that fits my body no matter what size I am.
  10. A roomba that also does the dishes.
  11. A huge raise my job forgot about.
  12. A free trip to everywhere.
  13. For a truck filled with candles to overturn in front of my apartment, gifting me thousands of amazing scented candles.
  14. For everyone to be happier than they can imagine.
  15. And for every person on this earth to feel safe–even for a little while.