Why I Will Never Support Apple Again

I’ve always been a PC gal–I have been in a long love affair with Microsoft since I was old enough to want to help my tiny pixelated family safely to the new Oregon territory.  Microsoft has always made me happy.  About five years ago, I purchased an iPhone.  It seemed like the best option for a smartphone at the time, and to tell the truth, I really loved it.

Loving my iPhone turned into me buying an iPad, and when it came time for a new laptop, I started to really consider getting a mac.

And then I visited an Apple store this week and that completely changed my mind about Apple products.

My poor iPhone began acting up about a year after I purchased it (always just in time for not being in warranty).  I noticed that the corner of my screen was lifting, and my battery was draining unrealistically fast.  I made an appointment for a repair at an Apple store, explaining to them that I had the screen repaired at a third party retailer in August.  This didn’t really matter though, because the warranty on the phone was up regardless of whether or not I had done this.

The Genius helper took my phone to look at it, and brought it back with half the screen completely popping up from the phone.  At this point it was completely unusable.  He told me the battery was so bad that it did this.  Somehow, one month of usage with a lifting screen had not resulted in this kind of damage, but eight minutes at the Apple store did.

He explained to me that my only option was a full model replacement.  I looked at my phone, completely damaged beyond salvation, and felt cornered.  I confirmed with him that a swollen battery was the problem, and that the problem was the result of nothing I caused.  He informed me that I was responsible for the replacement.

Wait.  What?  The battery damage was the result of a faulty Apple product, not damage caused by me.  How was I responsible for replacing it?  I asked why the battery couldn’t just be replaced.  He told me there might be some damage to the phone and they couldn’t be sure replacing the battery would be 100% successful.

I stared at the man and asked the cost.  $299.  I’m sorry, I must be hearing something wrong.  I have to pay over 300 dollars in order to repair damage I didn’t cause?  I couldn’t afford that.  I thought I was in for a battery replacement only–the site told me this would be just under $100.

I asked about taking the phone back and downgrading to another model of iPhone, which he informed me was impossible.  I told him I could go back to Verizon and try to get another phone, and he told me that no matter what I did, replacing the model at the Apple store was the cheapest option for me.  I wanted to go home and keep using my somewhat-broken phone, but now my phone was completely broken and that also seemed impossible.

I understand if I wet my phone, or drop my phone, or did something horrible during an upgrade and being forced to replace the phone–I caused the damage, I should be responsible for fixing it.  But something I couldn’t help?

Then I was bullied into considering an upgrade to my iCloud storage because I didn’t have enough space to back-up my phone–something the Genius helper could not help me with at all apparently.  Verizon transfers my old phone to my new phone, but Apple is unable to do this?  Weird.  Luckily someone else let me borrow his laptop to do a back-up so I wouldn’t lose sentimental items on my phone.

I bought the replacement phone, restored my old iPhone to the new model, and left the store with a bad taste in my mouth.  The new model doesn’t even carry a new year’s worth of warranty–it’s just 90 days.  What’s the point in purchasing an item from a company that doesn’t replace broken parts they’re at fault for?  They don’t even try to make it up to their customers when they screw up.

This is the last Apple product I will ever own.

Stay far, far away from Apple and all they create.  They’re focus is on sucking pennies out of their consumers rather than customer service.  I can’t wait for my contract to be up–it’s Android for me from now on.

As for new laptops?  I bought a Dell.  Couldn’t be happier.