15 Things That Still Surprise Me

  1. The moon sometimes looks HUGE!  And taking a picture of it with my phone is impossible.
  2. Putting books on a shelf feels really good.
  3. I’m never too embarrassed to buy pizza.
  4. Having sex with someone who likes you is always better than everyone else.
  5. I like sleeping without an AC, but only when no one else is looking.
  6. Buying a couch is much harder than one would think.
  7. I like cats.
  8. A squash lasts exactly 11.5 months in the fridge before it goes bad.
  9. People are complex.
  10. The longer my hair gets, the more noticeable my white hairs are.
  11. The grass is never greener.
  12. I still really love texting.
  13. It’s possible to love things again.
  14. Pork buns are never not the answer.
  15. Holding someone’s hand happens when I’m not even paying attention.

Dear Best Friend,

Whenever I think about an earth without you on it, I channel a fake quote from Piglet to Winnie the Pooh that everyone thinks is real (he totally never said it, but other than a librarian, who’s really keeping track?).

10446573_10100233152861675_5412731675271127288_nThank you for being my best friend.  Especially on the really crap days.

Love always,

The chick who is laughing so hard, you can check for cavities.