New Adventure

As many of you know, writing is my passion.  I’ve written several complete novels, and I’ve gone to many readings–what I haven’t done is put myself out there on the internet (minus this awesome blog).  Starting this month, I will be doing this often (which terrifies me).

Nick and I have created creative writing group called The Storymaker’s Association.  We write and record creative projects we’ve written, and then once a week, post them on the internet.  I was gifted the first week of every month and so if you’d like to hear me read, you can visit the website each first of the month (and every week after that), to hear what I’ve done, or listen below.

Website: The Storymaker’s Association

If you follow me on twitter @librarydefender, then you’ll get monthly updates there as well.

Sending you my love,


15 Things I’d Rather Be Doing Than Dealing With Bed Bugs

1. Homework.

2. My taxes.

3. Going on vacation with someone who hates me.

4. Moving into a new apartment.

5. Running 26.1 miles, uphill, both ways, in the snow.

6. Having my blood drawn.

7. Finding out I have a tapeworm.

8. Experiencing explosive and unpredictable diarrhea.

9. Vomiting.

10. Getting one million papercuts over the course of a week.

11. Relive my last relationship.

12. Watch every episode of 19 and Counting.

13. Go through high school again.

14. Gain 50 pounds, but only in my left leg.

15. Lose my hearing for a month.