Dear Pigeon Who Calmly Waited For The N Train Then Got On When It Arrived,

I really have nothing to say to you.  I’m just going to keep staring at you while you wait three stops, then calmly get off.


The chick staring at you

15 Things I Love About Flying

1. They go so fast!

2. Sometimes you get to see a lot of clouds.

3. Take-off and landing still feels like magic.

4. Sometimes you get unlimited soda.

5. You now get wireless.

6. I still have time to play my gameboy during my flight–just like the good ol’ days.

7. Sometimes the movies are really cool.

8. Window seat!

9. I’m in love with seeing the midwest from up high.

10. If your neighbors move to another seat, you get the whole section to yourself.

11. Boarding is always really exciting.

12. The stewardesses are really nice.

13. Sometimes you get a baby-free flight.

14. There’s lots of time for reading and writing.

15. Everything in the airport is duty-free.

Dear Felicia Day,

Thank you for being super nice and really awesome.  Sometimes it’s scary to meet the people you admire because it gives them the chance to disappoint you.  Nope.  You’re crazy cool.


The librarian at BEA who said you were her favorite (sorry Neil Degrasse Tyson!)