Asking For Help

I don’t often ask for help, but here goes nothing:

Recently, my entire life has exploded.  Mostly, this means that I have hit a huge financial wall–between a recent pest control emergency that cost a huge amount of money, followed very quickly by a series of medical bills that have destroyed my soul (I was an aspiring long distance runner until a major hip injury got me in February and has continued to get me since), and continued payments on things I have always had (student loans, rent, credit cards, etc), I’ve found myself smashed between a rock and a very hard place.  My savings is soon to be depleted and I’m very quickly approaching panic.

If you feel inclined to help a librarian out, then there are a few things you can do.  First, is spread the word–sharing this post with others is the easiest and fastest way for me to find help.  Beyond that, there are many other ways to toss a few dollars my way:

1. Purchase something from my etsy shop:

The Daily Dani Etsy Shop

2. Purchase a gig from my Fiverr page:

The Librarian’s Fiverr Page

Giving services in exchange for help makes me feel much more comfortable–if you don’t need any of these, buy it for a friend!  My haikus make great birthday card insides.

If you really just would rather give me money, I finally broke down and made a gofundme:

Every donation gets a personalized haiku on the back of an old card catalog entry card mailed to them.  Promise.

Sending you all my love, all my best wishes, and all the positive energy I can produce.


15 Things I Hate About Book Expo of America

1. It’s total sensory overload.

2. I always feel like I’ve just missed something really important.

3. I feel really dumb in the morning carrying an empty suitcase on the subway.

4. Everything is so heavy!

5. I want everything and never think through how I will carry it.

6. Sometimes authors are disappointing.

7. So. . Many.  Lines.

8. Scheduling BEA events takes an advanced degree.

9. Sometimes people talk in the middle of the aisle and it makes me frustrated.

10. Random House needs more space and better planning.

11. I get so many papercuts.

12. I’m always unhappy about what I’ve decided to wear.

13. My ID ALWAYS breaks.

14. People take more than one of things.

15. It’s a bazillion blocks from my subway.