15 Things I Love About Book Expo

1. It literally smells like paper.

2. So.  Many.  Books.

3. Everyone loves librarians.

4. I meet so many awesome people in line.

5. I meet authors I never thought I’d meet.

6. My mind is opened to so many new things.

7. Everyone is really nice.

8. The hours fly by.

9. I get to miss work for a few days to reconnect with why I love being a librarian.

10. I get that tingly feeling all the time.

11. I’m reminded of being twelve and getting the rush of loving a new book.

12. I never have to buy a pen ever again.

13. People are excited about their passions.

14. I also never have to buy another poster ever again.

15. It gives me the means to share my love of books with others.

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