15 Things I Appreciate More Because of Running

1. Days when it isn’t below 30 degrees.

2. When my knees/back/hips don’t hurt

3. Knowing the places where I usually stop to walk and feeling okay to keep going.

4.  When other runners smile at you.

5. Any time there’s no ice on the ground.

6. Times when I somehow predict the weather with the perfect outfit.

7. Feeling sore on rest days.

8. Beating my best time by one second.

9. Not stepping in a puddle.

10. Shirts with no tags.

11. Setting any new personal record.

12. Making a goal and reaching it.

13. Feeling excited or nervous before a race.

14. Running with a cool team.

15. Seeing physical proof I’m getting stronger.

15 Things I Hate About Doing Laundry

1. There’s no heat at my laundry place.

2. Sometimes I pay for other people’s washes because I’m not paying attention.

3. I always think I am going to catch up on reading and I end up just playing games on my phone.

4. It’s crazy expensive.

5. I have to fold everything after I’m done.

6. It’s next to the burrito place and I always want a burrito.

7. People are rude and have loud conversations on their phone.

8. No wifi.

9. It closes early.

10. There are only a few seats.

11. The seats are super uncomfortable.

12. I can feel everyone judging when I don’t immediately fold my laundry.

13. Did I mention no heat?

14. It’s all the way down the block.

15. I’m too lazy to do it as often as I should.