15 Kinds of People I Hate More Than Anything Else In the World

1. People who yell on the subway.

2. People who block sidewalks/crosswalks/aisles/doors and stop to check their cellphone RIGHT THERE.

3. Parents with insane children.

4. People who eat on the subway.

5. Runners in the wrong lane.

6. Anyone doing yoga/chatting on the phone/pushing a stroller/having a romantic walk in my running lane.

7. People who smoke while walking on the sidewalk.

8. People who take up way more space than they should on the subway.

9. Rude individuals (especially those who mutter under their breath).

10. People who push/run/shove for a seat on the subway.

11. Lord have mercy–people who use their cell phones without headphones as if their phone did not come with a silent feature.

12. People who sit for less than four stops on a crowded train.

13. People who lean their whole body on the subway pole during rush hour.

14. People who spit/blow snot out of their noses in public.

15. Passive aggressive individuals.

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