Bad Hip, Bad

Two weekends ago, I had to cut my long run short because I was having an extreme amount of hip pain that started about two miles in.  I thought it was just that I had to stretch my muscles more, but the pain didn’t go away.  Two weeks later, pain is still there.  I have been injured before because of running (damn you, foot!) and I remember how crappy it was to want to run and not be able to.  I made sure to be really careful this go around, but alas–not careful enough.

Theories on what’s been causing the pain vary from fractured hip bone to angry hip muscles–nothing is certain until there are x-rays.  All I know is that I’m not allowed to run and I’m really sad about that.  I did, however, solidify my love and affection for Advil.

I had to miss a really shnazy Valentine’s Day run so far, and will most likely miss my race scheduled for this Saturday as well.  Please send my hip any healing energy you have, and go out for a run in my honor.  I’m sending you all my love in return.

PS: The photo is unrelated to the hip pain, but I thought it was oddly appropriate.  The real story is there was snow in my way while running and I was pretending to be mad about it and somehow took a terrifyingly mad photo.

15 Things I Promise Myself From Now On

1. I will take more time for writing.

2. When my body says stop, I’ll stop.

3. I’ll eat better food.

4. I’ll only watch ten more episodes of Gilmore Girls.

5. Dating comes last.

6. Anyone who isn’t helping has to go.

7. I’ll clean my apartment–no more being partially packed.

8. I will neither compare my running performance to others, nor feel disappointment because I’m not the kind of runner I think I should be by now.

9. The opinions of others will not have any influence on my self-worth.

10. I will wear dresses and lipstick whenever I want.

11. No more alcohol.

12. I will not make accommodations for those who do not have time for me.

13. I won’t worry so much about how mu body looks.

14. I will sleep in whenever I want.

15. I will be kind to myself and allow myself the forgiveness I deserve.