Wounded Warriors: Run for the Warriors 5k

Our next race was one raising money for the Wounded Warriors.  It was on November 9th, and was one of the warmest days–completely beautiful.  It was humbling to run with veterans, especially ones who were injured from their time serving this country.  That being said, I was extremely nervous to run this race because of how many very fit people there were.  I was sure I would come in last.

Here’s our pre-race photo:

2014-11-09 09.24.32We got really awesome long-sleeved running shirts (that I now use for running all the time) and some drinks, which were really generous.  The route was cool too–it ran along Sunrise Highway on Long Island, and up through the town of Lindenhurst.  The finish came back down onto the highway.  I saw a few vets watching the race, which touched my heart.  It kept me wanting to run, that’s for sure.

Here’s the post-race photo:

2014-11-09 10.48.46My smile is mostly a result of knowing I had already beat my time from the last race.  It felt so good to run–I was super proud of myself.  It’s a feeling I bring with me on every race since then.

Race Stats

Total Distance: 3.25 miles

Total Time: 44:17

Pace: 13:39 min/mi (decrease of 41 seconds from the last race!)

Place: 898/1189

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