Week Two Hundred and Twenty-One

I weighed in while I was in Ohio and FINALLY had a loss.  Phew.  Talk about taking forever.  I kept all my goals as well, which means that I have to update my goals and make them harder (or new).  I’m still far away from getting everything completely under control, so for the next week (and most of September) I am going to work on these goals:

1. Go to the gym at least twice a week.  Even when I only want to stay for a little while.  Take gym clothes with me to work.

2. Drink soda only twice a week.

3. Always have fresh fruit in the apartment.

Work is about to kick up again and I’m determined to always have fresh fruit available as a snack.  I’m going to have to rework my days now that I’m going to be spending most of it outside doing work-things.  Here’s to working on the problems and having another loss!

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