15 Things I Can Now Do That I Couldn’t Do When I First Moved Into My New Apartment

1. Sleep with the windows open.

2. Walk to the train without looking for him.

3. Close the front door of the apartment without turning a light on first.

4. Use the bathroom at night without inducing a panic attack.

5. Walk home without constantly looking behind me to make sure he’s not following me.

6. Sleep with my bedroom door open.

7. Look out the window at night.

8. Leave to go somewhere by myself.

9. Walk home after dark.

10. Enter a room without first turning every light within reach on.

11. Admit it wasn’t my fault.

12. Really believe it wasn’t my fault.

13. Hear a sound inside my apartment without thinking he finally found me.

14. Take time to let myself have good and bad days.

15. Talk about how scared I am without feeling weak.

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