The Spirit: Awakening

The Spirit awakeningThe Spirit: Awakening

K. M. Riley

On her eighteenth birthday, Princess Adele inherited the Kingdom of Iden. Willful, strong, and independent, her life changed when she discovered she’s more than successor—she’s heir to a mysterious power hunted by an evil spirit. Chaos covers her lands, forcing Adele to flee its reach. She journeys to unravel the secrets of her abilities, and defeat the enemy shadowing her. Adele refuses to let Iden fall—not without a fight.

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About the Author

K.M. Riley is not only a lover of stories, but she’s a game designer, artist, and fan of all things imaginative. If she’s not writing, she’s daydreaming or doodling about more worlds and characters that will make great tales. With a background in Creative Writing, she’s always busy creating new adventures, or taking part in them.

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