The Intercessor by Miriam Davison

the intercessorThe Intercessor

Miriam Davison

Join Abigail through her journey as a new Intercessor, a mediator between good and evil, in the mythical world, and her first quest. The bringer of winter decides she wants to rule and keep the world in an icy state, making humans her slaves. She amasses and army of mythological creatures to fight by her side.

Abigail must learn how to use spells and potions, and gather her own army in order to keep both worlds in harmony, and she only has a short time to do it in. The fate of the world is in a young woman’s hands, can she rise to the challenge?

You can purchase  the kindle edition here: The Intercessor

Dear Man Harassing Me For My Dollar,

I have high hopes for this dollar, sir.  I plan to exchange it for a mildly cold slice of pizza.  I am willing to share my slice with you, but please do not deprive me of lunch.


The chick who only has one dollar