Ask Steph – Changing Your Man

Dear Steph,

I love my boyfriend but there’s a lot about him I could change.  For example, how messy he is or how poorly he eats.  Does wanting him to be better at something like cleaning mean I am trying to change him into a different man or are these changes okay to hope for?

I love you, you’re perfect, now change.


Dear I love you, you’re perfect, now change,

It sounds as if the things you are looking to change are habits, not personality.  Trying to help your boyfriend better himself in ways such as cleaning the house, his health etc. doesn’t mean you want to change HIM.  Trying to change things such as how kind (or mean) he is, how selfish (or generous) he is or even his video gaming habits could be. As long as you love and accept your boyfriend for who he is on the inside, asking him to be a bit more cleanly or to eat healthier foods shouldn’t be a problem.  Try leading by example.  If you cook dinner, trying making something healthy, or help him clean up, that way it isn’t just you ‘preaching’ to him, and he can see that you are trying to make those changes as well.  It may be beneficial for you to ask your boyfriend if there are habitual changes he would like to see you do as well.  That way, he can see that this is not one sided and you would make changes for him as well.

Hope this helps!

The Rebirth of Dino Earth

rebirth of dino earthThe Rebirth of Dino Earth

Pat Hatt

It had been many years since dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Suddenly, a few come back wanting a dinosaur rebirth. They escaped a Freaky Alien zoo, wanting to come home and live with me and you.

But the Freaky Aliens would not let that happen at all. They would have the dinosaurs back at their zoo hall. They come back to capture each one. This causes Dino Kazoo to run. He escapes their reach as the Freaky Aliens fix their breach. They capture all of his friends on their UFO. Dino Kazoo thinks he is too small to save them though.

Will Dino Kazoo save the day? Will the Freaky Aliens get away? Find out by following along with Dino Kazoo as he tries to save his friends from the Freaky Alien zoo.

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Here’s what people are saying about this book on Amazon:

“My 4 year old has recently started learning about dinosaurs in school. He used to be obsessed with trains, now it’s about dinosaurs. I think it’s absolutely adorable! The Rebirth of Dino Earth is a great book to continue the learning about dinosaurs in a fun way. The dines are really cute characters. The illustrations are done very well, it certainly keeps my little guy interested. Tonight, we literally read it three times, he kept begging and begging me to read it to him.

I also LOVE that this book comes in a Kindle edition so we can take it wherever we go, no need to carry around books anymore!”

“I saw this book and I bought it for my grandson. We both enjoyed reading it together. We found Dino Kazoo fascinating and very loveable. My grandson literally was on the edge of his seat when Dino runs and escapes from the freaky Aliens. The pictures are beautiful and very visual. The book is well written and very easy for a child to read and understand. All around a excellent book. We are definitely going to add this one to his book collection. He wants to read it at least once a day!”

“I loved this book, the concept is so simple, five dinos looking for an earth rebirth. Did I just rhyme? Rhyme is one of the things I loved best about “The Rebirth of Dino Earth”. Young readers will find this book easy to read just because of the rhyming, and the bright, colorful pictures will keep them amused from front to back.

I also liked the book because it teaches young readers a good lesson in life. No matter what your body structure, whether you are large or small you still can be successful if you just try. Maybe the T-Rex couldn’t get away from the alien crew, but the smallest dino was able to, oh, there I go rhyming again.

I read this book to my young grandson, he listened very intently and was awed by the pictures, even though he is too young to read he could follow the book very well, for this reason I would recommend this book not only to young readers but also to those who can’t read yet.”