matchedMatched (Matched #1)

Ally Condie

I bought (I know, I know!) this book upstate because I had quickly finished another book I was reading.  The cover was pretty and it had no Vampires in it.  Two pluses, in my book!  I was surprised by how good the book was–meaning, I couldn’t put it down.  The story itself is not original at all.  It’s pretty much an adult look at The Giver with a twinge of romance added in.

I like the main character a lot.  She’s a product of her society, but she’s still intelligent enough to rebel just to the point for her to see the cracks in what’s keeping her world together.  What she does is not enough to end her time in the community right away too–she knows which lines she’s allowed to cross before it gets too much.  I like that she fights common sense at first in order to keep feeling safe and secure.  It makes her real, and in my opinion, make her final decision to fight all the more powerful and brave.

This book is the first one in a trilogy.  If you enjoy dystopians like The Giver where the government controls all aspects of their citizen’s lives, then grab this one (and the second one while you’re at it).  Go, go!

Dear 2013,

You really sucked a lot.  You were mostly unfair and cruel, and because of you, being happy makes me suspicious more often than grateful.  However, as much as I would love to forget you and blame you for everything, I also have to thank you.  Thank you for ending really well.  I forgot somewhere along the way how many good friends I have.  I needed to be reminded how lucky I am.


The chick who is loved.