The Magic of Tumdrum

The Magic of TumdrumThe Magic of Tumdrum: Ronnie’s Wish

Angelica Galea Young

A Magical Christmas Tale to melt the hearts of children and adults – just released.

“When you are ready, you’ll find your angel and your wish will come true.”

These were the last words that Ronnie’s mother whispered in her ear. She remembered them each night before she slept and first thing in the morning as she woke up, but she didn’t really understand what they meant.

Ronnie has lost her spirit. The only way she can get it back is to find something significant from her past. If she can find it, her dearest wish will come true. It will take The Magic of Tumdrum coming to life in Angelica Galea Young’s young adult literature, beautifully illustrated and an original take on classic Christmas tales beloved by children all over the world.

You can buy the paperback here: The Magic of Tumdrum: Ronnie’s Wish

And the e-book is available by clicking here.

Supernatural Hero

supernatural heroSupernatural Hero is a great children’s book with an outstanding story. The plot follows Andy, the nerdiest kid in his class. Skinny, wearing glasses, and always talking to himself; Andy makes great bait for the ridicule of bullies and his peers.

Andy is also embedded with the power to both see and communicate with ghosts and the dead. As opposed to other “children see dead people” style stories, like The Sixth Sense, Supernatural Hero is a lot lighter. It is a kids book after all. Andy must use his powers to fight off an evil spirit and win over the girl who he is madly in love with.

The book is very well written and has some genuinely interesting concepts. I really liked the tone, and think Supernatural Hero would make a great Halloween read.

To buy this book, click here: Supernatural Hero