New Book: Santa Claus and Little Sister

Santa Claus and Little SisterSanta Claus and Little Sister – The Novel, Song and Screenplay by Dr. Brian G Snow

Santa Claus and Little Sister is autobiographical in nature, selfishly therapeutic in design, and hard proof that we cannot control our future regardless how hard we try. This is a journey of one young optimistic east coast teacher who taught at New Beginnings, a Los Angeles placement home for at-risk, mentally and physically abused, abandoned, gang, and socially-emotionally disturbed girls. He discovers that truth often becomes lies, moral transforms into immoral, and fear builds knowledge.

The Journey:   Lupe, a petit beautiful Mexican 12-year-old girl, identified only by the alias assigned to her by the FBI, is suddenly missing from the Los Angeles placement center, leaving only her most cherished possession behind, a self-made book of poems, photography and artwork entitled “To Santa Claus and Little Sisters”.  

Lupe’s confidential file reveals that has she been struggling with suicidal thoughts and attempts for years. Little Lupe also has a contract on her life placed by her own incarcerated parents.  Her brother is an active gang member with the notorious Mexican Espinoza cartel from Tijuana that specializes in child trafficking and ransom kidnappings.

  Refusing to accept the hypothesis that Lupe ran away on her own free will, risks would have to be taken by a young naive Boston-born teacher – including the recruitment of his most dangerous student, Chata.

  Seventeen-year-old Chata, a bold and controlling, overweight, active member of the Baby Locas Division of the 18th Street Gang in South LA, struggles between two opposing worlds and purposely brings both together in the back alleys of Los Angeles one moonless night.

  Both would have to question their belief system many times in order to survive when circumstances were not in their favor.

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Santa Claus and Little Sister

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The book has won several awards and the screenplay is now in pre-production in LA – the subject matter is teenage suicide, so it is a very sensitive subject. If you google “Santa Claus and Little Sister”, you can see the nice attention it has received so far – even nominated for The Amazon Breakthrough Novel of the Year.