Fire and Ice by Geraldine Litz

fire_and_ice_for_kindleFire and Ice Synopsis

 When the financial wizard of her father’s corporation falls dead in her foyer, Claire Whitaker becomes embroiled in a deadly conspiracy.  She also becomes entangled in a relationship with detective Nick Carpenter whose promises of passion threaten her carefully built barriers to the world.

This novel delves into the relationships between the Carpenter and Whitaker families, divided through the years by jealousy and greed.  Nick Carpenter was shocked at his immediate attraction to the daughter known as the Ice Maiden.  Can he protect her from a dangerous threat?  Can he protect his own heart from the beautiful Claire Whitaker?  There is hope for a future together but will it be tainted by their families’ past?  They must believe and trust in each other to solve a conspiracy and to deal with their own web of desire.

About the Author

Geraldine Litz is a retired elementary teacher. She is an award winning author and has published historical nonfiction articles in regional and national magazines. She lives in Georgia with her husband and family.

You can buy the book here (it comes in large print and kindle): Fire and Ice

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