The Eyes of the Jaguar by Pamela Rose

eyes of the jaguarThe Eyes of the Jaguar by mystery writer, Pamela Rose, is available for a free Kindle download on September 11, 12, and 13.  You’ll find it here:  The Eyes Of The Jaguar

Book description:

Overcoming a lifetime of insecurities, newly-minted San Francisco physician Gabriella Raymos believes that she has finally arrived at the threshold of a rewarding life. Swiftly, Gabriella is blindsided times two by the bewildering exit of her lover, seismologist Don Luis Gregorio, and the death of her cherished mother and only relative, Inocente. Already gravely off-balance, she discovers a letter from Inocente divulging that she lied about the death of her own mother and insists that Gabriella return to her grandmother the purloined ‘eyes of the jaguar,’ priceless emeralds stolen long ago from an Aztec temple idol in Mexico, and that Inocente secreted away. Completely at a loss about this revelation…Gabriella has neither seen nor heard of the alleged jewels existence. Deciding that this is an unwarranted demand, Gabriella vows to disregard her mother’s plea. But, when she finds herself ill and pregnant with Don Luis’ baby, she is forced to abandon her medical center residency. Now there’s nowhere else to go but to the grandmother whom she thought long dead.

Plunged into a volcanic vortex of events…natural and supernatural…

Desperate to escape from her personal world gone mad and to honor her mother’s final wishes, Gabriella brings to light the stashed emeralds and heads south of the border. But, instead of the haven she seeks, there she finds herself at odds with a preternatural world of smoke and mirrors. She learns that her grandmother, Fortunata, is the sovereign healer in the pre-Columbian village of Tecuani. Moreover, Fortunata is a curandera…some say a witch…who demands that her granddaughter be tutored by Horatio…a laughing, out-of-this-world crystal skull.

A tipping point is reached within a country now threatened by events triggered by the return of the accursed emeralds

―a ‘people-eating’ jaguar
―violent seismic contractions
―a murderous volcano

When help finally comes, it’s too little, too late. Or…is it?

Anguished by her lack of options, Gabriella accepts her grandmother’s mission to unearth the jaguar idol and return the blighted gemstones. Fortunata has convinced her that failure to do so puts at risk everything Gabriella now holds dear: her rediscovered family and her newly adopted homeland.

Author Bio:

If there is one term that describes me it is ‘curious.’ My mother swore that upon my quarrelsome arrival into the world the first word I labored to wrap my baby lips around was why? Apparently I liked it where I was and none too pleased to leave. But, why is the question that even today haunts me. Answering that one dogged question means there’s not much I’m not willing to learn at least a little something about.

To that dubious end I have had more ‘careers’ then I care to contemplate, as I continue to sample my way through a smorgasbord of interesting occupational possibilities: college instructor, advertising prevaricator and shopping network writer somewhere at the top of my list of favorites.

So, while mining the universe for that one ‘telling’ detail my next book can’t do without, the grand experiment commonly thought of as Pamela Rose’s life, rambles on.


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