Dear Guy Who Is Bad At Hiding How Much He’s Watching Me Write,

You’re so obvious!  I can see your head move–literally you’re a hair away from being the one holding this book.  AND!  I can see your peeking at what the lady next to you is reading!  It’s Harry Potter–you don’t need to stare that long.


The chick waiting for you to leave to write this

The Adventures of Katarina Rose by SG Johnson

adventures of katarina roseIf you’re looking for a great new book to share with others–look no further!  Here’s a new picture book by SG Johnson about her Siamese cat Katarina Rose.

About the Book

The Adventures of Katarina Rose written by SG Johnson tells the story of a Siamese cat named Katarina who would rather go on adventures than sleep all day. She wants to take readers with her on these travels. She meets and learns about all kinds of animals along the way like the squirrels and the deers.  She loves telling the stories of these animals and how they live out in the country. She is a lucky kitty cat with a very loving family that takes great care of her. Katarina Rose can’t wait to see which animals become her friends.

About the Author

SG Johnson lives in a small country town in Indiana with her loving husband Daniel and their adorable Siamese cat named Katarina Rose. She has always had a dream to write about her love for animals. Her biggest inspiration is Katarina Rose.

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