Week One Hundred and Seventy

Long time no post.  I’ve been on the mend with my eating, and I decided to do a mental restart.  This week was the first week of my redo.  I’m going to need the help of those around me.  I would be touched and very grateful if I could get help.  I’m asking all my friends to:

1. Make plans with me at the beginning of the day, especially if there is alcohol involved.  If it’s last minute, try not to have it involve food.  This will help me plan my day around what we’re doing.

2. Salads.  Always salads.  Pick places that have this option for me.

3. Always ask if I have enough points.  I usually don’t lie.

4. If we eat, let’s walk a block.  It’ll help me undo some damage.

These four things will really help me get better control over what’s been a year of disaster.  I love all your faces a lot!

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