The Real Book of the Dead by Collette Sinclair

the real book of the deadThe Real Book of the Dead

Collette Sinclair

Collette Sinclair, a renowned psychic medium and staunch proponent of human rights in all forms, today announced the release of her new eBook – The Real Book of the Dead. The book is a collection of interviews conducted by Collette revealing the real life and death stories of the dead. Speaking on the occasion, Collette said, “I am extremely excited to announce the launch of my new eBook and aim to bring forward the honest and heartfelt narratives of things and life lost and opportunities missed and taken among others.”

The book explains the reason of existence of life and humans, what it feels like to die and what to expect on the other side. Through the book, Collette has also tried to explain the connection between inner voice, dreams, conscience and happiness. Sources confirmed that the author spent many years interviewing the souls of the dead for the book and bringing them forward to the world.

Collette added, “While a few of the interviews might sadden you, the fact remains that you would be able to understand a lot about life from the successes and failures of the souls and events of their life.” Experts of the field say that the book will strike a chord with the readers and help them recognize the true meaning of their existence.

The book is published by Risch Media Group and has about 180 pages.

To buy the book on Amazon, click here: The Real Book of the Dead

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About Collette Sinclair

Collette is a renowned author and founder of The Risch Foundation, a charitable organization dedicated to helping children with special needs. The foundation supports children with special needs in the developing countries or countries with scarcity of resources and provides education and health support among others.


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